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You will find information about our exciting curriculum and photos of our adventures.



Monday - Miss Holdsworth

Tuesday (am) - Miss Holdsworth

Tuesday (pm) - Miss Patel

Wednesday - Miss Holdsworth

Thursday - Miss Holdsworth

Friday - Miss Holdsworth


Mrs Heeley supports in class each day.

Mrs Allen supports in class every morning.

Children in Class 6 have been learning how to write a description of a desert. They first read chapters 1–4 of the novel, Holes, by Louis Sachar and the story, ‘A Walk in the Desert’. They discussed how the desert setting had been presented in each story picking out descriptive words and phrases used by the writer. They compared how each author described the desert setting, looking at choice of language and imagery created. Their task was to imagine they had been sent to the Chihuahuan Desert in Mexico to dig holes and write a paragraph to describe the setting. Please feel free to come in to class and read your child's work.

Family Learning Day Event

Children in Class 6 have been working with their families creating a mask from the Mayan civilisation. Above you will find a selection of photographs of finished masks.

Thank you to all who attended in helping this event be such a huge success.

Summer term 1

Topic: A Frozen Kingdom

English Writing

This term the children have been learning how to write a biography in connection with our topic ‘Frozen Kingdom’.  Using the IWB to record suggestions, we firstly discussed the features of a biography text. The children were reminded of the purpose (to write a recount of a person’s life). As a class we analysed the text. Through shared reading, the children were asked to identify the features.

In pairs, the children decided which facts should be included and highlighted them. This created an interesting discussion and helped the children to realise that some facts are more important than others. They were asked to identify and summarise the main ideas in each paragraph. In groups children were allocated an area from the planner (Early life, Early career, Achievements, Personal life and interests, Conclusion) and were asked to generate two or three ideas relating to their area.

Children were challenged to précis a longer passage into a shorter passage of 50 words by highlighting only key information and rewriting it in their own words before completing their first draft. Once completed, they used their skills to redraft their writing by editing and proofreading.

If you would like to see examples of their biography work of Scott of the Antarctic or their reports of Arctic and Antarctic animals, please feel free to come into class.



In geography the children have used globes and atlases to find and name both Polar regions and other significant geographical features of the world. They have traced the basic outlines and positions of countries and continents along with using the internet to download images of icebergs and other icy geological features such as ice shelves, ice sheets, sea ice and glaciers.

In music with Mrs Bennett, the children have listened to examples including Music for WinterNorthern Lights by Ola Gjeilo.




During the week commencing 13th May the children completed their Statutory Attainment Tests (SATs). I would like to say a huge thank you to all parents for the continued support you have shown throughout this very tiring time. I am sure you agree that the SATs party on Friday afternoon was well-deserved. We began the afternoon by playing parachute games. This was followed with a picnic on the grass and to finish, the children chose to play a variety of playground games.


Summer term 2

Next term the children will be very busy. They will take part in Apprentice Meets Dragons Den, preparing them for the world of work, before inviting you to their Cafe Day. In art children will be creating stained-glass flowers for Mirfield in Bloom. They will become Crime Scene Investigators during Forensic Science at Mirfield Free Grammar along with rehearsing for the Key Stage 2 concert. Keep your diaries open!

Sadly, they will also be preparing their leaver’s assembly for you to attend during the last week of term-tissues at the ready (especially for Miss Holdsworth and Mrs Heeley).


Once again, thank you for your continued support.



  Well Being Week


This week children throughout school have taken part in 'Well being' week. Class 6 have completed many activities. We have talked about Mental health and the importance of talking about your feelings. We have discussed that often we feel out of control of things that happen in our lives and what we can do to help ourselves to feel better.


Class 6 have researched how to keep healthy along with completing a sleep diary to track our patterns of sleep each day. Children in class 6 have completed their 'Mile a Day' challenge working towards achieving their marathon by the end of term.





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