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Monday (am) - Mrs Beaumont

Monday (pm) - Mrs Beaumont and Miss Patel

Tuesday - Mrs Beaumont

Wednesday - Mrs Beaumont

Thursday - Mrs Firth

Friday (am) - Mrs Firth

Friday (pm) - Mrs Firth and Miss Patel


Mrs Allen supports in class every afternoon.


Hello everyone!


In our first half-term we were learning about Stargazers!


In science we have investigated; how we know the Earth is round, how the sun, Earth and moon move and how craters are made on planets.


In art and design we have block printed the phases of the moon and have created a moon-like surface using a range of fabrics and collage materials.


In English we have designed our own aliens and written character descriptions for them. We have looked at the moon landing from 1969 and written our own newspaper reports about the event, we then typed them up using publisher for computing.


For history, we researched Neil Armstrong using books and the internet to plan and develop our own biographies.


In R.E., we have looked into special pilgrimages for Christianity, Islam and Judaism.


Here is some of our lovely work!


Stargazers! 1

Our newspaper reports!

Our newspaper reports! 1
Our newspaper reports! 2
Our newspaper reports! 3

Art and DT - Investigating the surface of the moon!

Art and DT -  Investigating the surface of the moon! 1

Biographies of Neil Armstrong!

Biographies of Neil Armstrong! 1
Biographies of Neil Armstrong! 2