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Class 1

Welcome to Class 1!

Please look through our web page to find out what we have been learning.

We have been working really hard with our phonics. Please practise at home too! Follow the links to play some of our favourite phonics games.



Summer Term

Dinosaur Planet


A dinosaur egg appeared in our playground! We have been investigating where it could have come from. We decided to look after the egg and have made a Dinosaur Museum in our classroom. 


We are using our computer skills to find out lots of information about dinosaurs. These are some of the websites we have visited. 

Spring Term

Splendid Skies

We have been learning all about the weather. Follow the link to watch videos and play games about different types of weather.

We have set up a Weather Station near our pond. We used the equipment to record the weather each day throughout the half term. We used a rain gauge, a thermometer, a wind vane, a sun dial and an anemometer. We saw sun, rain, wind and even snow!

Bright Lights, Big City

Our topic is all about the countries of the UK. We will be learning about the landmarks in London and researching into the Great Fire of London. 

We have learnt about the Queen and Buckingham Palace. Follow the links to find out more and go on a virtual tour of the Palace.


Autumn Term


We have been learning about place value in numbers up to 20. Class 1 have enjoyed learning a song about numbers in the teens. 

Follow the link to watch the song.


Family Learning Event

We had great fun at our Family Learning Event. Thank you to all the parents that attended. We did lots of work all about rhymes. Class 1 learnt a rhyme about a dinosaur that we performed. We thought of actions to match and made dinosaur props to help us remember the rhyme. During the afternoon we made props to match different rhymes. One of our favourites was The Squirdle! At the end of the afternoon, all children received a certificate to say that they had completed The Rhyme Challenge and were given a copy of all the rhymes to practise at home.

The Enchanted Woodland

We have been finding out all about the trees, plants and animals in woodlands, gardens and our school grounds. We went on a walk around our playground to see what we could find. Lots of us found sticks, leaves and acorns. Some of use even spotted some magical items, including glitter trails and a spell book. Who could have left them?

We decided that it must be fairies and elves. We invited them to come and stay in the woodland area in our classroom.

Picture 1

Clay Boggarts


We have looked at the different shapes, colours and sizes of natural materials. We have used these materials to make our own clay boggarts. We designed a face and decorated it with the objects we had found. Here are our creations!

Woodland Habitats

We have learnt about the different types of animals that live in woodlands. We talked about the different types of habitats and thought about how we could create a home for a woodland creature. We used pieces of tree bark, leaves and sticks.